Our Mission

“To educate and represent to Members of Congress and other policy makers about issues important to growers and processors of America’s processed fruit and vegetable industry.”

American Fruit and Vegetable Processors and Growers Coalition (American Fruit & Vegetable) is an issue advocacy organization for the benefit of its members. Members of American Fruit & Vegetable are family farm growers of fruits and vegetables that are grown for processing, our suppliers and the food processors who prepare those products for retail distribution and sale. American Fruit & Vegetable works to educate Congress on behalf of our membership in the issue areas of:
* General Agriculture Policy as it relates to fruits and vegetables for processing Promotion of processed foods (canned, frozen, dried and brined) in government food assistance programs 
* Seasonal labor availability
* Shelf stable and economical advantages of processed fruits and vegetables
* Food safety qualities of processed fruit and vegetable foods
* Necessity to plant and harvest processing fruits and vegetables on lands in any state without encumberments of federal farm policy
* Supplier industry issues (steel, cans and food ingredient supply costs)
* Child nutrition regulations in the school lunch program
* Other issues as they arise  

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