Who We Are

The American Fruit and Vegetable Processors and Growers Coalition (AFVPGC) represents the American farmers and companies that fill the shelves in the canned and frozen aisles of your local supermarket. The AFVPGC works across the industry including growers, processors, and can suppliers, to advocate for fair treatment for the industry in federal farm, nutrition, and trade policy.

In the United States, the fruit and vegetable processing industry represents 10% of all domestic food manufacturing, with $18 to $23 billion in annual sales. Overall, the food manufacturing and processing industry is a critical part of the American economy comprising approximately 15% of all America manufacturing base, including over 30,000 plants and 1.5 million American jobs.

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Ensuring our members can get what they need

We live in a more complicated world than ever. With an ever changing global trade landscape, it is not easy for our members to consistently produce the highest quality products for the best value.