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Our Members 

Food Processors

 Beckman Gast Canning, IN
Birdseye Foods, NY
Burnette Foods, MI
Bush Brothers, TN
Cabbage, Inc., OH
Del Monte Foods
Faribault Foods, MN
Furman Foods, PA
Fremont Company, OH
General Mills, USA
Giorgio Canned & Jarred Mushrooms, PA
Hirzel Canning, OH
Lakeside Foods, WI
Lodi Canning, WI
Mr. Dell's, MO
Nestle’ USA
Oliver Winery, IN
Red Gold, Inc., IN
Ripon Pickle Company, WI
Seneca Foods, WI
Sechler’s Pickles, IN
Tip Top Canning, OH

Breakfast spoon
A yummy crate full of fresh Virginia peaches!
Taken at a farmer's market; peak ripe summer tomatoes, nothing better! The deep red color is was drew me to them.

Trade Association Members

American Frozen Food Institute
Apricot Producers of California
California Canning Peach Association
California League of Food Processors
California Pear Growers Association
California Tomato Growers Association
Can Manufactures Institute
Indiana Farm Bureau
Michigan Agri-Business Association
Michigan Processing Apples Association
Midwest Food Products Association
Mid-America Food Processor’s Association
Northwest Food Processors Association
Raisin Bargaining Association
Southeast Food Processors Association

Supply Industry Members

Ball Corporation
Bryant Christie
Can Corporation of America
Great Lakes Food Machinery
McDonnall Harvester
McLeod, Watkinson & Miller
Silgan Corporation

This shot makes me thirsty! I love how this shot turned out. I was about 10 meters above the ground with my Mavic Pro. This is a small winery in the mid-Willamette Valley outside Salem, Oregon. This is one of the biggest wine-producing areas in the country and it makes for some wonderful evening drone flights.
Field in sunrise


Abbett Farms, IN 
AcMoody Farms, IN
Albright Farms, MI
Associated Growers, IN 
Bainter Farms, IL 
Birky Farms, IN
Boring Farms, IN
Busch Farms, OH
Daily Farms, IN
Detling Farms, OH
Dovey’s Roost Farms, MI
East Fork Growers, IN
Forch Farms, MI
Gary Hanson Farms, MN
Gelfius Farms, IN
Haas Farms, OH
Hartung Brothers Farms, WI
Huebert Farms, MN
Hurley Farms, OH
Iott Farms, MI
Iott Ranch & Orchard, MI
Ingomar Packing, CA
Janssen Brother Farms, MI
Jeff Bell Farms, MN
Jeff Stevens Farms, MI
Jody L. Herr Farms, IN
Keesling Farms, IN
King Farms, IN
Knick Farms, OH
Kurtz Farms, OH
Los Gatos Tomato, CA
M&A Produce Farms, MI
McDonnall Farms, OH
Middlesworth Farms, IN
Mobley Greenhouses, GA
Morrin Farms, Inc., MI
Niese & Maag Farm, OH
Paarlberg Farms, IN
Plank Farms, IN
Planson Farms, Inc., OH
Paul Platz Farms, MN
Razorback Farms, AR
Red Ripe, IN
Rice Farms, IN
R.L. Jeffres & Sons, NY
Rosenbaum Farms, IN
Schneider Farms, WI
Shafel Farms, WI
Tribond Farms, Inc., IN
Utterback Farms, IN
Waschbisch Bros., WI
William Pueschel Farm, MI
Wischmeyer Farms, OH
Wittmer Farms, IN

Membership dues to be part of the American Fruit and Vegetable Processors & Growers Coalition are voluntary. Membership dues are used to pay for full-time lobby representation in D.C. However, members who choose not to financially contribute to the Coalition are needed and welcome. A large part of our work is done at the grass roots level writing letters to Members of Congress, meeting personally with them or staff in D.C. or at home and making phone calls.