Key Goal

Allow more Fruits and Vegetables of All Forms to be Served in Government Sponsored Nutrition Programs

Repeated food science studies prove that the nutritional value of canned, frozen and dried fruits and vegetables meet and often exceed nutritional content of similar fresh produce. 

The American Fruit and Vegetable Coalition promotes inclusion of processed fruits and vegetables in school lunch programs, the School Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (snack), WIC, food stamps and other government sponsored food assistance efforts. Processed foods are economical alternatives to the spoilage and high cost of fresh produce. Processed food products offer the greatest efficiencies to tax sponsored food assistance. Canned and frozen foods afford important labor savings to school cafeteria staffs. AFVPGC strongly urges strengthening the School Snack Program by revising its rules to permit schools access to all nutritionally appropriate fruits and vegetables. Studies show that kids who are offered canned, dried or frozen fruits and vegetables consume more. Canned, frozen and dried alternatives are far more affordable than their fresh counterparts. Ten dollars of canned product buys you 23 servings as opposed to only 15 in fresh.

We also want to ensure that our members can get what they need

We live in a more complicated world than ever. With an ever changing global trade landscape, it is not easy for our members to consistently produce the highest quality products for the best value. 


This issue continues to make big headlines and it is emotionally charged with differing views. Without Congressional leadership individual States are destine to deal with this pressing issue via a tapestry of law making. 

ALL FORMS of fruits and vegetables are good for you and should be part of a healthy diet. Canned, frozen, and dried fruits and vegetables contain high nutritional qualities that are locked-in within just a few hours of being field harvested.

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